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Products > Hybrid Slip Rings (HS,HF)
We provide many kinds of Hybrid slip rings, such as FORJ(Fiber optic rotary joints),fluid rotary joints,encoder, etc., these parts can be fixed in the slip ring or fixed at the side of slip ring to pass the signal & energy through the center hole of the slip ring. This design is simple & compact.
?Feature of Fluid rotary joints
   ● Water,compressed air,hydraulic fluid can be carried;
   ● Speed up to 2500 RPM;
   ● Pressure up to 25Mpa;
   ● Operating Temperature:-30-120℃.
?FORJ Specification
Wavelength range 850-1650nm  
Insertion loss <2dB 
Insertion loss ripple <+/-0.25dB
Return loss (SM&MM) >40dB
Maximum speed 2,000rpm
Optical power handling 23dBm
Operate temperature -40 -85C
Package style Pigtail or receptacles (FC,FC/APC, or ST) 
Fiber types SM.MM
Connector types  FC,SC,ST, SMA LC
   ● Rotary tables, test equipments;
   ● Robots,processing equipments and rotary sensors;
   ● Liquid filling machines; 
   ● Medical equipments.

   ● Higher voltage and current ;
   ● Higher speed;
   ● Wider range of temperature;
   ● Higher protection class;
   ● Style of exits for lead wires;
   ● Flange for installation.
Combined Slip Ring (With FORJ)
Combined Slip Ring (With FORJ)
Hybrid Slip Ring (Fluid rotary joints )
Hybrid Slip Ring (Fluid rotary joints )
Hybrid Slip Ring
Hybrid Slip Ring
Hybrid Slip Ring
Hybrid Slip Ring
Hybrid Slip Ring
Hybrid Slip Ring
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